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Born to strum!

Combining energetic performance with raw talent, Gordon is paving the way as an influential and unique musician for the modern generation.

Since founding Alien-eX in 2019, Gordon has captivated fans with his signature sound and unique performances. You'll be hooked from the first note.

Gordon fuses new digital guitar technology into his arsenal, utilising synth patches to give an ethereal sound and feel.

As the singer in Alien-eX, Gordon reproduces the songs in his own style which gives the song originality.

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Not Dr Who, but close!

Combining gutsy stage presence and energetic performance, Ric becomes lost in his own vibe and space and he has a subtle, but infectious groove which holds the foundation of Alien-eX and their music.

Ric is definitely helping to pave the way as a bass player who is more concerned with substance, than fluff.

Since founding Alien-eX in 2019, Ric has captivated fans with his signature sound and unique performances. You will be hooked from the first note.

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Do you think seven synths on stage is too many?

Luis is the Rock Star in Alien-eX; he typically personifies all things rock n roll - long hair, skin-tight leather pants, jewellery, earrings, bandannas, tattoos and a stage full of synths/keyboards/electronica/gear.

Currently Luis' synth/keyboard rig consists of a YAMAHA MX61, a KORG KROSS 2 workstation/arranger, and his trusty laptop, Kevin, which controls the drum tracks/programming. This is all powered through 2 x 1100W P.A. monitors creating a massive wall of sound.

Combining energetic performances with raw talent, Luis is the techie geek in Alien-eX.

It all started at the age of 15 when Luis heard the opening Dm chord on Duran Duran's Planet Earth; he was hooked on synths and music.

Since joining Alien-eX in 2019, Luis has been able to inject personality, and skill in music arrangement into every track, built from the ground up. This is what makes Alien-eX unique in their sound. It's this sound that has captivated fans with their signature performances.

In 2015, Luis completed a Masters in Sacred Music with his thesis titled, 'Sacred Music Through History: From Bach to Nick Cave'. It's a must read!

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